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Tech stocks in the US are once again on the brink of delivering a bull market. It’s no coincidence that Apple’s stock is currently experiencing a new high phase. The stock is on the verge of reaching a new record high. This may be the perfect time for you to take another look at the company, as I believe the outlook is still excellent.

Apple: Earnings are coming soon First and foremost, it’s worth noting that Apple’s earnings are coming soon. The company will release its first quarter results on February 1st. We probably won’t see a breakthrough with these numbers, as the holiday season did not seem to be outstanding based on my impressions. However, concerns of a decline are now fading into the background.

I believe that Apple’s recent strength in the markets is mainly due to the improving economic conditions for tech stocks. On March 18th, the Fed will likely lower interest rates, which will bring improvements in several dimensions.

On one hand, this will likely boost sentiment in the stock markets overall. On the other hand, with cheaper money, numerous companies and consumers will likely invest more, which will also impact Apple’s sentiment and revenues specifically.

Apple: It’s getting better The stock hasn’t been this cheap in many years. With revenues of almost $400 billion in the current year and a net profit of over $100 billion, Apple is not expensive compared to previous years and valuations.

The P/E ratio will be around 29, as the stock is on the verge of pushing its market capitalization over $3 trillion. The company’s pricing power remains strong, and new iPhones and other products will continue to become more expensive.

This means that, even with stable economic conditions, I believe mid-term revenues will continue to rise. Net profits will also improve: For the coming year, I am already expecting a P/E ratio of around 27. In short: The improved sentiment will help the stock. That’s why the all-time high is now in focus.

When a stock is at an all-time high, no investor is in the red – and this reduces selling pressure. It only takes a few more euros for the stock to reach its all-time high of €182.50. I am looking forward to it.

Apple: New highs – WKN: 865985 – ISIN: US0378331005 Source: https://fundamental.aktienscreener.com/US0378331005/EI/apple-inc/data

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