-Fluggesellschaft Norwegian Air Shuttle: A Super-Hype Airline

Last Updated: 21. Februar 2024By

In the past few days, some stocks have disappointed massively, causing uncertainty in the stock market. However, one stock that consistently delivers strong numbers is Norwegian Air Shuttle. The Norwegian airline is an exception among all the hype stocks, as it continues to climb. It may be worth taking a closer look, as most investors may not be familiar with this company.

Norwegian Air Shuttle: Strong Numbers! Since the beginning of the year, the stock has risen by almost 50%. It is definitely catching the eye of investors. Most recently, Norwegian Shuffle announced its numbers for the fourth quarter, giving insight into the entire year. The numbers are impressive.

Despite the stock market hype, the stock is still relatively cheap. Specifically, the revenue of 5.91 billion NOK in the fourth quarter is significantly higher than the 4.97 billion NOK in the fourth quarter of 2022, representing a 20% increase.

The profits are also impressive on a quarterly basis. 152.8 million NOK compared to -118.9 million NOK in the previous year is a huge jump. The same trend can be seen when looking at the entire year, with revenue increasing from 18.869.3 million NOK to 25.539 million NOK. The net profit for the year was 1.737 billion NOK, compared to 1.005 billion NOK the year before.

Strong numbers – strong trend. The good numbers confirm the strong trend. The numbers were only released on February 16, but the stock has already risen by 90% in the past three months and almost 50% in the last four weeks. This shows that the market has already anticipated these developments.

The stock is in top shape, and the main question for investors is whether they can still get in on the action. Fortunately, Norwegian Air Shuttle is not very expensive, with a P/E ratio of around 7 for the past year and an estimated 10 for the current year.

This means that the entry point is not very expensive. The trend is definitely clear – the stock is at a record high. However, for investors who value dividends, this stock may not be the best option.

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