Fielmann Share: Quarterly Results as Key

Last Updated: 6. November 2023By

In the summer months, the Fielmann share has lost significantly and given back a considerable part of the share price rally from the beginning of the year. In recent weeks, however, the share has stopped the downward trend and stabilized above the 40 Euro mark.

The weak economy is still causing concerns for the optician chain. So far no turnaround is visible here, which is why the quarterly figures for the months of July to September are in the focus for investors. The Q3 figures will be presented on Thursday, November 9th – impulses for the Fielmann share in both directions are conceivable here.

Where does Fielmann stand before the figures? After an overall decent but not completely convincing half-year report and the completed US takeover, Fielmann raised the targets for the full year. The company expects sales to increase by 13 percent to 2.3 billion euros and EBITDA to increase by 18 percent to 400 million euros.

Nevertheless, Fielmann is still being held back by consumer restraint, especially in Germany. How it will continue in the coming weeks and months also depends on the economic situation: if sales growth continues to be hampered, the forecast for 2023 could also be in danger.

Investors should be prepared for both scenarios when the upcoming quarterly figures are released – bad news could catch up with the recent stabilization of the Fielmann share. If the quarterly figures are rather positive and the outlook is optimistic, the Fielmann share has further course potential in line with a stronger overall market.

Fielmann share: Long-term good prospects but also no bargain Investors should not forget that Fielmann is also growing in the currently challenging environment. And the acquisition of US company SVS Vision is also a strategically important investment and entry into one of the world’s largest markets. From 2023 onwards, the latest takeover will be reflected in the figures in terms of sales – here there is still room for long-term potential.

Although the share has lost significantly in recent years, the fat years when the title only knew one direction are probably over. Even at the current valuation, the Fielmann share is not a bargain. Especially in the last two years, it has been shown that the share reacts relatively sensitively to economic fluctuations. In spite of all the long-term optimism: in the short term, the new quarterly figures are decisive for the Fielmann share.