Ferrari’s stock reaches new highs.

Last Updated: 7. November 2023By

The auto industry is undergoing a transformation and is suffering from the difficult economic environment. The stock prices of automakers have partly lost significantly. This is especially true for VW. The Wolfsburgers are increasingly losing ground in the important Chinese market.

Totally unaffected by the problems of other industry representatives, Ferrari shows itself. The Italian sports cars are luxury items. Accordingly, the company remains unchanged on the fast track. The same applies to the share price.

Ferrari’s sports cars are luxury goods The automotive business is generally very dependent on the economy. But this does not apply to the expensive cars from the Italian Maranello. Luxury always goes. If you can afford an expensive Ferrari, you can do it even when the economy is worse or inflation is raging. And those who want to drive Ferrari can now do so with electric drive.

Despite the crisis, 2022 was again a record year for the sports car manufacturer. And that, although – or maybe because – the Italians artificially keep the offer scarce. Anyone who orders a Ferrari has to wait at least two years. Nevertheless, demand remains unbroken.

Ferrari raises annual forecast Also 2023 will be another record year. The current figures, which Ferrari presented last week, leave no room for doubt. In the third quarter, 3,459 vehicles (+9%) were delivered. For the first time, more hybrid vehicles were sold than traditional models with combustion engines.

Revenue increased by 24% to 1.54 billion euros. The EBITDA result rose by 37% to 595 million euros. Net profit even rose by 46% to 332 million euros. For the full year, the management is more optimistic than before and now aims for a revenue increase of 16% to 5.9 billion euros (previously 5.8 billion euros). EBITDA earnings are expected to increase by at least 27% to at least 2.25 billion euros (previously 2.19 to 2.22 billion euros).

And beyond that, the future perspectives are excellent. „The order books are full, they cover the entire year 2025,“ said Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna.


Ferrari stock marks a new record high Since the spin-off from the Fiat Chrysler group, the Ferrari stock has been doing very well. When the company went public on the New York Wall Street in October 2015, a share cost 52 dollars. Since then, the share price has risen by more than 540%.

After the announcement of the figures, the quotation has risen sharply and yesterday at 337 dollars even marked a new record high. The Ferrari share is by no means a bargain, but luxury has its price. After the consolidation since mid-July, the chart technique gives the green light for a continuation of the impressive uptrend.