Enapter: Hydrogen US expansion is imminent

Last Updated: 16. Januar 2024By

Today we are focusing on Enapter, an emerging company in the field of hydrogen technology. Learn about how Enapter’s expansion in the US and full order books could lead the company towards profitability.

Enapter’s breakthrough in the US Enapter, known for its innovations in hydrogen technology, is making great progress. The company, which focuses on electrolysis and renewable energy systems, is facing an important step: entering the US market. This strategic move could make Enapter a leading player in a market that is still in its infancy. Why the US? The country offers enormous opportunities for renewable energies and is ready for a decarbonization wave that requires Enapter’s expertise in hydrogen technology.

Full order books – a sign of growth Enapter’s order books are filled to the brim, a clear sign of growing trust in the AEM electrolysis technology (electrolysis with anion-conducting membrane). With new customers in Europe and Asia and major orders such as 40 electrolyzers for a British cleantech company, Enapter is in a good position. The demand for Enapter’s modular AEM electrolyzers is steadily increasing. The versatility and scalability of the products, ranging from small 2.4 kW units to 1 MW multicore systems, make Enapter an attractive partner for companies worldwide.

What does this mean for investors? Analysts are optimistic and predict that Enapter’s revenue could double every year until 2025. This will be mainly driven by increasing sales of the multicore units. With the upcoming delivery of all devices sold last year in the fiscal year 2024 and the entry into the US market, the future looks promising for Enapter. Expectations are high that the company will turn a profit at the EBITDA level in 2023, which would be a significant milestone on the path to profitability.

Conclusion: Enapter on its way to success Enapter is at the beginning of a new era. With strong demand for its products, expansion into new markets such as the US, and well-filled order books, the company is positioning itself as a key player in the green hydrogen technology sector. For investors interested in participating in a forward-thinking, innovative company in the field of renewable energies, Enapter offers an attractive opportunity.

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