Dow Jones Stock Index: Winners and Losers in 2023

Last Updated: 24. Dezember 2023By

The DAX has once again had a turbulent year. After a strong start to the year, the course of the German leading index was mainly characterized by inflation and interest rate worries, by the still weak economy and political crises in the months from April to October.

However, in the last few weeks the DAX has overcome the interest rate worries and has started a real year-end rally. After a course minus of about 12 percent in the crisis-ridden previous year, the most important German index is quoted at the Christmas season well 18 percent above the level of the beginning of January (as of December 21, 2023). In the meantime, the DAX had even scratched the 17,000 euro mark.

These are the winners from the DAX in 2023 The top performer of the DAX in 2023 is the sports article giant Adidas. Although the company is in a „transition year“ due to many problems, the Adidas share has risen by about 53 percent since the beginning of the year. At the stock exchange the future is of course traded.

Other major winners of the year include the Heidelberg Materials share with a course plus of around 47 percent as well as the defense company Rheinmetall with a plus of almost 45 percent. In total, 30 of the 40 DAX stocks have gained in 2023.

These are the losers from the DAX in 2023 Although investors at the beginning of the year still hoped that Bayer could have the toughest phase behind it, the Bayer share is the biggest loser in the DAX with a minus of about 34 percent.

The Leverkusen company was also unable to benefit from the year-end rally. Also minus 34 percent is the year-to-date balance sheet of the Siemens Energy share. In addition, Merck, with a share price decline of almost 22 percent, is also among the losers in the DAX.

This is how the DAX could continue In the last few weeks, the DAX has repeatedly cracked its all-time high and thus provided investors with a very reconciliatory end of the year. Especially if the Fed – and as a latecomer also the ECB – plans or implements interest rate cuts, the leading index should go further up. The 17,000 points are still within reach.