der Macht Bitcoin and the Parallelogram of Power

Last Updated: 8. November 2023By

If one can synchronize swimming, then Bitcoin’s course can too. You will immediately see at what angle BTC is rising and that at any time of the year. It’s a bit crazy, but that’s how the course behaves.

Remember: the Bitcoin Halving is in April 2024. In the past, the prices often rose 2 months before, before the rally really began. It is therefore still possible that BTC will go down again before April. We have already experienced that before the last halvings.

Bitcoin on the daily chart. I had started to draw these trend lines when the prices were at 44,000 US dollars. That was in January 2022. Since then I have found 14 of these trend lines that significantly influence the price of Bitcoin.

Of course the prices do not always stick to them. Nevertheless, increases over several days and sometimes even weeks and months regularly follow these lines.

It’s always the same angle. Bitcoin rises partly in leaps and bounds – just as it can also fall quickly again – but the medium-term increase always follows these paths. Sometimes below, sometimes above.

Why, I can’t tell you either. However, it could be very interesting for the next rally if the prices meet these lines on the way up. Let’s see what happens then.

Currently, Bitcoin is sticking again to one of these trend lines and climbing up it. This trend line is not new. I drew it in December 2022. In July 2023, the courses ran again for a while along it. And now in November 2023 again.

That is why I assume that the prices will again orient themselves to these lines in the next possible rally in the year 2024. Probably not at every one. But who knows how high the next all-time high of Bitcoin will be. My top trend line runs in January 2025 at 100,000 US dollars.

Will Bitcoin fall below 25,000 US dollars? No. Not at all. It would be nice if we could say that so decisively, right? Anything is possible. However, there is currently a stable support in the range from 25K. We have made a long double bottom there. Prices did not go any lower in June 2023. Bears were also done in August and September 2023.

Maybe we’ll get to 20,000 US dollars again. That can happen quickly at Bitcoin. Of course, it does not have to happen, even if larger fluctuations often occur before the halving.

If it does not go down significantly again, the new Bitcoin ETF was probably to blame, which provided stability.