den Aktienkurs The Jungheinrich share price has been affected by a decrease in profits.

Last Updated: 10. November 2023By

Jungheinrich’s stock is having a mixed year in 2023. After 6 months of the year, the company had presented convincing figures – the paper has not been able to really perform lately. Now several aspects of the latest quarterly report are weighing on the stock, and the weak economy is also taking its toll.

Jungheinrich is faced with a significant weakening in new orders and a slight decrease in profits. The Jungheinrich stock reacted negatively at the start of trading and is currently trading almost 5 percent lower (as of November 10, around 9:30 a.m.). In the long run, the forklift company still has potential, but the current economic environment is not a growth guarantee.

Jungheinrich with slight EBIT decline in Q3 In the months of July to the end of September, Jungheinrich was able to increase sales by 14 percent to around 1.36 billion euros. At the same time, however, EBIT decreased due to higher costs by 1 percent to 103 million euros. Accordingly, the margin (from 8.7 to 7.6 percent) and net profit (minus 4.5 percent to around 68 million euros) also decreased.

Also burdensome: The cooled economy in Europe and the USA has also been felt in the 3rd quarter in terms of new orders. Although Jungheinrich was able to increase orders in Q3 by 4.9 percent to around 1.19 billion euros. Compared to Q2 (1.33 billion euros) this is significantly less and the expectations were not met.

Jungheinrich stock: Good year despite economic challenges Despite the generally disappointing quarterly figures, Jungheinrich reaffirmed its targets for the current year. And they can be seen in the face of the weak economy: Sales should be between 5.1 and 5.5 billion euros in 2023 (2022: 4.8 billion euros) and EBIT at 400 million to 450 million euros (2022: 386 million euros).

Jungheinrich also sees the number of orders for the year as a whole in a range between 5.0 and 5.4 billion euros (2022: 4.8 billion euros). Even with regard to this forecast, the Jungheinrich stock has potential, as the weak economy has already been taken into account.

Long-term oriented investors should continue to keep an eye on the Jungheinrich stock, as growth is possible in the coming years if demand picks up again. In the short term, however, investors should pay particular attention to the number of orders and profitability, as further bad news could also be reflected on the price chart.