Delivery Hero stock: All-time low and still potential?

Last Updated: 23. Januar 2024By

The Delivery Hero share delivered a very weak performance in the stock market year 2023. But even the start of the new year has not been successful in terms of share prices. At just over 21 euros, the stock hit a new all-time low in morning trading today (as of January 23, 2024, around 10 a.m.).

Over the course of the year, the minus on the price board amounts to a whopping 57 percent, and the prices from the boom times of the Corona pandemic, beyond the 100 euro mark, are currently utopian. Nevertheless, most analysts are still optimistic about the Delivery Hero share and see significantly higher prices. Much will depend on whether the MDAX company now consistently reports black numbers.

Delivery Hero: The long wait for profitability For many years, the company has been reporting losses โ€“ now the time has finally come: For the full year 2023, Delivery Hero expects to achieve a positive operating profit margin for the first time in its history. The figures for the 4th quarter and thus for the full year 2023 will show whether the plan is working.

Investors should keep an eye on the presentation of the Q4 figures, especially the outlook for the current year. The price development of the Delivery Hero share in the coming quarters is likely to be closely related to the profitability of the food delivery company. If the company makes sustainable progress here, the stock could likely break free from the all-time low and take advantage of its potential.

Delivery Hero share: Opportunities are there โ€“ but black numbers are necessary Even though the stock has plummeted in the last 12 months, analysts are still optimistic about the Delivery Hero share. All recent analyzes recommend buying the MDAX share, and the potential for growth is often more than 100 percent.

Just last week, Goldman Sachs (raised target price from 54.30 to 55 euros), JPMorgan (raised from 42 to 43 euros), and Barclays (lowered from 61 euros to 51.70 euros) updated their targets. Based on the current price of around 22 euros, the potential for the stock is enormous. However, investors should not underestimate the risks. Setbacks, for example in terms of profitability, could also be a problem in 2024.