Delivery Hero share: Record low despite strong numbers.

Last Updated: 5. Februar 2024By

The Delivery Hero share is currently one of the biggest losers on the stock market. The stock has collapsed after a very mixed start to the current stock market year, following rumors of a failed sale of Foodpanda’s businesses in Southeast Asia.

As a result, the Delivery Hero share is trading at its lowest level ever in today’s morning trading at just over 15 euros (as of February 5, 2024, around 10:30 am). However, the food delivery company had good news today and presented strong figures for 2023 as well as an optimistic outlook for 2024. The downward spiral has not yet been broken.

Delivery Hero with very solid figures In the past fiscal year 2023, Delivery Hero met its forecast and achieved a gross merchandise value (GMV) of 47.6 billion euros (an increase of 6.8 percent compared to 2022). Operationally, the company reached the profit zone for the first time – the adjusted EBITDA climbed to 250 million euros after a hefty loss the previous year.

Even more convincing is the outlook for the current year 2024. While Delivery Hero expects a further increase in GMV between 7 and 9 percent, the forecast for the adjusted EBITDA is very solid. The food delivery company expects 725 to 775 million euros for the full year 2024.

Focus on the Foodpanda sale Despite the strong figures and good prospects, the Delivery Hero share could not benefit in the morning trading so far. On the contrary, the company’s stock continues to freefall – the rumors surrounding the alleged failure of negotiations for the partial sale of Foodpanda has shocked investors. In the last few days, the stock has dropped by around 30 percent.

Although Delivery Hero has denied that talks with potential buyer Grab Holdings have failed, investors remain uncertain – the partial sale of businesses in Southeast Asia was expected and the company could really use the funds. In the coming weeks, this topic is likely to remain in focus.

Delivery Hero share: Opportunities still exist However, the extremely negative sentiment should not obscure the fact that there are also long-term opportunities for Delivery Hero. The share is currently falling from record low to record low, but the company has managed to turn a profit operationally.

In addition, most analysts remain optimistic and see enormous potential for the stock. For example, Bernstein Research confirmed the price target for the Delivery Hero share today at 60 euros – that would mean a quadrupling of the price from the current level of just over 15 euros.