CTS Eventim Stock: Quarterly Results in Focus

Last Updated: 15. November 2023By

The stock of CTS Eventim has been on a real run: in the last 4 weeks, the paper of the ticket trader and event organizer has risen by almost 20 percent – and even if the all-time high of just over 72 euros is still a bit away, the current trend is in favor of the title.

In October, CTS Eventim provided good news for shareholders with preliminary figures including a previously rather vague forecast increase. Now the quarterly figures follow tomorrow, November 16th. A concretization of the targets for 2023 and final figures for the 3rd quarter could give the CTS Eventim share further impetus.

CTS Eventim: Forecast Raised Already after the half-year figures it had become apparent that CTS Eventim could exceed the targets for 2023. In October, the ticket trader then raised the forecast – without being very specific. The company expects that the revenue in 2023 will be significantly above the mark of 2 billion euros and the EBITDA will be significantly more than 400 million euros.

With the publication of the quarterly figures tomorrow, many market participants expect that the targets for the current year will be concretized again. So far, the only basis for the forecast increase is that the Internet ticket volume in the first 9 months of 2023 has increased by 35 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. Further impulses through the Q3 figures are very likely here, for the CTS Eventim share too.

CTS Eventim Stock: There is still potential No question, the industry is booming. Although most of the catch-up effects of the Corona pandemic now belong to the past, big events are more popular than ever – and at times significantly higher prices. For the ticket giant CTS Eventim, this is a strong basis for the coming quarters. Most analysts are also optimistic.

Recently, JP Morgan Chase confirmed the buy vote for the CTS Eventim stock and raised the target price from 77 to 80 euros. This would mean a price potential of around 25 percent and a listing well above the all-time high. Investors beware, the quarterly figures as well as a possible outlook could give new impetus.