Crypto-Nonsense DigitalMark!

Last Updated: 22. Januar 2024By

Recently, I received a letter asking for my assessment of a supposedly new cryptocurrency. It is called the „Crypto Revolution“ of „DigitalMark“ and it would bring back the glorious days of the German Mark. Without even a second of research and analysis, it was immediately clear to me that this project is at best pure nonsense.

There is even a press release from January 4, 2024 on the platform „OpenPR“, in which these claims are made or confirmed. The publisher of the press release is an IT consulting and marketing limited company allegedly located at Shelton Street 71-75 in WC2H 9JQ Germany. Even these legally absurd and insufficient information already show the absurdity of this press release. There is no imprint on the website The content of the press release, which I will quote below in its original wording, is even more bizarre!

„DigitalMark: The shining newcomer in the meme coin universe brings back the nostalgia of the German Mark! In an exciting development in the world of cryptocurrencies, we proudly present DigitalMark, the rising star in the meme coin sector that revives the glorious days of the German Mark! DigitalMark is more than just a cryptocurrency – it is a tribute to the nostalgic era of the German Mark, which once formed the heart of the German economy. The developers of DigitalMark have made it their mission to bring this historic currency back to life in digital form, creating a unique and euphoric experience for investors and enthusiasts.

With a wink and a touch of humor, DigitalMark is capturing the hearts of crypto fans worldwide. The currency is based on innovative blockchain technology that ensures transparency and security. By using state-of-the-art encryption techniques, DigitalMark provides its users with a secure platform for transactions and investments. DigitalMark not only relies on the power of technology, but also on the emotional connection to the German Mark. The creative team behind DigitalMark has made an effort to create unique meme graphics that combine the characteristic elements of the German Mark with contemporary humor. These memes have already inspired a lively online community that has formed around the currency.

With DigitalMark, we not only want to create a cryptocurrency, but also a community that experiences the joy and fun of the good old days of the German Mark. It’s about more than just investments – it’s about a journey into the past with a modern twist, a spokesperson for the project is quoted as saying. The launch of DigitalMark marks a milestone in the world of cryptocurrencies and promises an exciting adventure for all those who want to participate in the future of digital currency trading. Join the DigitalMark community and experience the nostalgic rebirth of the German Mark! “

Crypto Revolution DigitalMark? Definitely not – stay away from such nonsense! In conclusion, a Telegram channel is promoted in addition to the „official“ DigitalMark website, apparently to attract nostalgic and naive investors. On the website, the initiators also write: „The Digital Mark project is nearing completion and our team is working tirelessly to provide you with the best crypto experience of all time. Stay tuned, because the countdown is on – the starting signal will be given soon! “

My verdict: Rarely have I read so much nonsense in such a condensed form! Rarely have I read so many unsubstantiated statements and claims in such a compressed form. In the course of my journalistic duty of care, it was not even possible for me to find contact information in order to obtain a statement before publishing this article, because in addition to the missing imprint, the „contact button“ is also inactive. I have never seen such a dubious constellation before.

The Telegram channel „DigitalMark“ has 28 subscribers so far, although the official launch according to the website was supposed to be on November 8, 2023. Contact was also not possible here, or no response was received. This crypto project shows so many dark red flags that anyone considering investing even a cent here should immediately see a doctor. Note: My last sentence may contain traces of sarcasm and satire! So please stay away from such crypto nonsense!

Beware of crypto scammers! I regularly warn you about questionable providers and methods. If the child has already fallen into the well and damage has occurred, the following points are advisable:

1. Report to the police

2. Inform national supervisory authorities (BaFin, FMA, FINMA)

3. Pursue legal action through a specialized lawyer – our expert network is available to you for this purpose.

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