CropEnergies: Bioethanol share to disappear from stock market

Last Updated: 1. Februar 2024By

CropEnergies is one of the leading producers of bioethanol for the fuel sector. The Mannheim-based company is part of the Südzucker Group. Bioethanol is a term for ethanol produced from biomass. Now, the board of directors has made a decision that also affects you as an investor. But first, let’s look at the company’s fundamental situation.

Nine-month comparison shows weaker performance – CropEnergies AG generated a revenue of 943 million euros in the first nine months of the 2023/24 fiscal year, compared to 1.17 billion euros in the previous year, after an exceptionally strong performance. EBITDA decreased significantly to 94 million euros compared to 267 million euros in the previous year, and the operating result decreased to 61 million euros compared to 235 million euros in the previous year.

Third quarter also falls behind previous year – The company generated a revenue of 312 million euros, compared to 328 million euros in the previous year. Increased sales volumes due to higher production quantities could not offset the significantly decreased prices for ethanol. The operating result was 27 million euros compared to 56 million euros in the previous year.

No more to be gained from Bioethanol stock – Conclusion: The fundamental perspective of CropEnergies is mixed. This can be seen in the sharp downward trend. However, it has now been abruptly stopped. The Bioethanol stock has more than doubled to €11.50. This is also where Südzucker’s delisting offer is currently located, which is valid until February 16. Given the previous course of events, you should not hesitate to accept the offer if you are still invested.