Coca-Cola Share: Endless Dividend The Coca-Cola company recently announced that their shareholders will continue to receive endless dividends. This news has caused a surge in the Coca-Cola share value, making it a highly sought-after investment. The renowned soft drink company has a long history of providing generous dividends to its investors, making it a popular choice among those looking for a stable and profitable stock. With this recent announcement, it is clear that the Coca-Cola company remains committed to rewarding its shareholders and maintaining its strong financial standing. Investors can continue to look forward to endless dividends from Coca-Cola in the future.

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The Coca-Cola stock is a long-time favorite on the stock market and known as a true dividend aristocrat. Now, the beverage giant has presented fresh quarterly figures and also delivered a convincing outlook. However, the Coca-Cola stock is not impressed by this – although the long-term trend continues to be positive.

In addition to its brand power, good prospects, and an expected free cash flow of a whopping $9.2 billion this year, investors are particularly convinced by one thing about the Coca-Cola stock: the quarterly dividend payout. And in this regard, the US company is also unlikely to disappoint this year.

Coca-Cola with very solid quarterly figures With approximately $10.85 billion, Coca-Cola not only achieved 7 percent more revenue than in the same period last year, but also exceeded analysts‘ expectations. Profit was at $1.97 billion, slightly below the strong previous year’s quarter due to special effects.

The already established beverage manufacturer, founded in 1892, is optimistic for 2024: organic revenue is expected to grow by 6 to 7 percent this year, and earnings per share are expected to increase by 4 to 5 percent. It is not surprising that Coca-Cola will also raise its dividend – $0.485 is expected to be paid out in the first quarter.

Coca-Cola stock: These dividend numbers are hard to believe Coca-Cola has been paying a dividend to shareholders since 1920 – for more than 100 years. But the epitome of continuity is mainly the increase in this dividend in the past: In 2024, the company will pay out a higher annual dividend to shareholders for the 62nd consecutive year. In other words: Since 1962, the company from Atlanta has increased its dividend every year.

The yield is currently at nearly 3.3 percent based on the current price of the Coca-Cola stock. For long-term oriented investors, the stock remains interesting solely because of its dividend policy and will likely only be held in many investors‘ portfolios for this reason. However, the recent figures including the outlook also show a solid foundation – Coca-Cola is likely to remain a dividend aristocrat for the foreseeable future.