-Charakter BlackRock: Value-Worth with Strong Moat-Like Characteristics

Last Updated: 19. Dezember 2023By

You all know companies like Amazon and Apple, which have an extremely large market power and a very strong global reach. But there is one company in the financial sector that is most likely not known to all of you, yet still enjoys a similar status.

This is the world’s largest asset manager BlackRock. The US company is something like an oversized giant octopus in the world of finance. Because BlackRock has its fingers in almost everything – and only the very few know it.

Before I go into the current figures in the „final gong“ and give you some impressive key figures on the company, I would like to introduce you to the company BlackRock briefly.

US asset manager BlackRock in portrait
BlackRock was founded in 1988 and is based in New York. The company is the world’s leading provider of investment management, risk management and advisory services to institutional and private investors. BlackRock offers financial products that reflect the entire spectrum.

The products are offered in a variety of structures. These include special funds, public funds, ETFs (exchange-traded index funds) and other pooled investment vehicles. In addition, through BlackRock Solutions, the US company offers institutional clients risk management, strategic advice and investment system solutions.

The customer base of the world market leader includes carriers of occupational, public, union and industry-specific pension plans, governments, insurers, third-party public funds, donations, foundations, charitable organizations, companies, public institutions, sovereign funds, banks, financial advisors and individuals from all over the world.

The latest figures in focus
BlackRock performed better than expected in the last quarter (July to September). Nevertheless, the company recorded the first outflows from long-term funds since the coronavirus pandemic.

Customers withdrew a total of $13 billion. Responsible for this are also the strongly increased interest rates, which have made bonds and money market funds more attractive than stocks. The managed assets still amounted to a whopping $9.1 trillion at the end of the latest quarter.

Despite the slight outflows, BlackRock was able to increase sales and profits. Revenues rose 4.9% to $4.52 billion. Earnings per share climbed from $9.55 to $10.91. Only $8.20 were expected here. The operating margin increased from 35.4% to 36.2%. A value of 35.8% was expected here.

The world market leader is and remains an excellent company. The BlackRock share is a solid value stock with a strong moat and a relatively steady increasing dividend.