Bull’s-eye: Year-end rally accurately predicted!

Last Updated: 21. November 2023By

The US balance season is largely over. Meanwhile, there has been a clear change in sentiment among US investors.

Good figures and outstanding growth data were initially largely ignored or even punished with price drops, but fortunately this has fundamentally changed in the past two weeks.

Now the prices are rising again! And probably for a long time.

Bull’s eye: Year-end rally accurately predicted – and strategically positioned! I had already predicted this development to the readers of my stock market service Voigts Global Profits weeks ago.

That’s why they’re now on board with this rally from the beginning! And these outstanding profits are just the beginning for their wealth building.

My pre-Christmas gift to my readers: Global Profits Trading Depot at an annual high! It has particularly paid off for my readers that we had recently strategically topped up our Bitcoin position. Because the Bitcoin recently also climbed to a new multi-year high.

That’s why we’re now ahead with +6.51% (top-up) or +46.94% (old position). Incidentally, all our positions in this depot are very clearly in the profit. There was not a single loss – not all year round! Everything is going really well for us here!

And of course our leverage securities on the Nasdaq 100 are also contributing nicely to these profits. This index is taking off again. We are already ahead with hefty +48.20% and +66.87%! It is now not far to the first price doubler.

Global Profits Power Depot explodes – all positions in profit! Things are not running any less well in our Global Profits Power Depot. The post is really taking off there. All the stocks in this depot have given my readers fantastic price jumps of +10%, +20% or even more in the last three weeks alone, so that they are ALL in profit here. Many of these outperformers are even at fresh all-time highs!

I find Hershey’s stock particularly exciting at the moment. We have just seen the first three-week rise since the beginning of the correction from the all-time high in April. This could actually be the long-awaited bottom that will bring us more big profits soon!