BMW Stock: Light and Shadow for Investors

Last Updated: 4. Dezember 2023By

The BMW stock has performed moderately in recent weeks, especially in comparison to the DAX’s rally. Since the release of generally good quarterly figures, the BMW stock has been moving sideways with only slight gains. The 100 euro mark was last broken in September.

In the short term, the pendulum could swing in either direction for the BMW stock. Numbers are still good, but the economy is causing concern. In the long term, there is great potential for the premium carmaker and its stock – at least if the Munich-based multi-pillar strategy works and the margin remains respectable. Analysts are also divided in their recent assessments at the end of November.

BMW is on course for 2023 – what do the analysts say? BMW’s Q3 figures had been convincing: With just under 38.5 billion euros, sales rose by 3.4 percent, while EBIT in the core business even rose by 9 percent. After 9 months of the year, the EBIT margin was a strong 10.3 percent. The targets for the full year were confirmed by the carmaker with the quarterly figures.

In November, several experts updated their analyses. And here there are different focuses: For example, Barclays lowered the BMW stock’s target price from 92.50 euros to 85 euros and recommends selling. This is quite different from JP Morgan (target price raised to 110 euros) and Goldman Sachs (target price 119 euros) in the past week.

BMW stock: There is still potential in the long run Even if BMW has its sights set on 2023: In the coming quarters it could become uncomfortable for the carmaker. The market in China remains competitive due to the many emerging local carmakers. In addition, it is questionable whether BMW can continue to sell at a high price without discounts in the coming months.

Finally, the higher share of sales of lower-margin electric models could put pressure on the margin. In the short term, investors should therefore prepare for several scenarios – especially the outlook for the coming year 2024 could set the direction here. In the long run, however, the BMW stock also offers considerable potential.

After all, the paper is anything but overpriced and the profits are flowing. Like its competitor Mercedes, BMW has market power as a premium brand. In the coming years, it will be crucial whether BMW is successful with its strategy of focusing both on electric models and on combustion engines. What gives hope: The margin for E-models should approach the combustion engine margin in the next two years.