Bitcoin ETF not coming? Not yet!

Last Updated: 11. Januar 2024By

Confusion surrounding the alleged approval of the first Bitcoin ETF in the US.

On Tuesday evening, a message came from the X-Account (formerly Twitter) of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) stating that the agency had approved the spot-based ETF. As a result, Bitcoin prices shot up to nearly $48,000.

However, SEC Chairman Gary Gensler clarified that the agency has not yet granted approval and that the account had been hacked.

As a result, Bitcoin prices dropped significantly. Within a few hours, it fell below $45,000. It seems that all means are being used to influence prices in one direction or another.

Controversy over Bitcoin ETF – prices on a rollercoaster Source:

Despite this development, the market is still expecting an ETF approval. There are no compelling reasons to reject the approval, unless the SEC comes up with some new ones.

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