Bitcoin ETF approved: Sell the News!

Last Updated: 12. Januar 2024By

The price of Bitcoin has fallen by over 11 percent since yesterday’s high. As suspected, many are now taking their profits. Just because the Bitcoin ETF has finally been approved does not mean that fresh billions of US dollars are flooding into the market.

That will come. But it could still take weeks or even months. Anyone who believed that the value of a Bitcoin would triple directly after approval is now being proven wrong.

Of course, in the long term, this is still extremely positive for the crypto market and therefore positive for all coins. Because when Bitcoin drives and pulls the market up, a few billion always crumble onto the remaining coins below.

There are almost guaranteed cycles here: When Bitcoin has supposedly had the biggest surge, investors switch from BTC to other top 10 coins. And when most of the gains are in the dry for them, it’s time for the smaller altcoins. Of course, the ETF investors play no role here. They will stick with their Bitcoin. Nevertheless, every coin owner can be happy about this news of the week.

What does Marathon Digital Holding do? My number 1 Bitcoin stock has also taken a hit and will soon offer attractive buying opportunities again. This is another reason why I always say that the MARA stock behaves like a leveraged Bitcoin. Because the losses of the last 2 days are at 33 percent here.

On the other hand, it’s even more fun when the stock also rises much steeper in percentage terms than the sluggish Bitcoin. BTC could potentially quadruple or quintuple by the next all-time high. Marathon Digital would already quadruple from today’s perspective to the former all-time high. A new all-time high, when Bitcoin breaks all records, offers even more profits with the stock.

Marathon Digital in daily chart Here you can see the development since summer 2022. Similar to Bitcoin, there were also many good opportunities to buy here. That’s why I have mentioned the stock in the Trading Insider from time to time.


Because the company specializes in mining cryptocurrencies, the stock price is directly dependent on the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum. For me, Marathon Digital is one of the best stocks when it comes to cryptos, alongside Coinbase. The profits for both stocks should be much higher in percentage terms than with the Bitcoin ETF.

And you don’t have to pay a management fee to anyone for it. The Bitcoin ETF is just a vehicle for those who have no idea how to buy Bitcoin themselves. So they can make big financial institutions even richer by giving them money to buy BTC for them. In the end, absolutely unnecessary for the end consumer. Nevertheless, the small investor can benefit from it because now even more money is flowing into the crypto market.

Whether you hold coins yourself or stocks from Marathon Digital or Coinbase, it doesn’t matter in the end. The prices will go up either way. Important: After the next all-time high, there will be another crash. That has always been the case with Bitcoin. Whether an ETF can stop that remains to be seen. Perhaps it can cushion it, if not everyone pulls their investment out of the ETF as soon as the prices have halved.

In the long term, you can now position yourself well for the next rally in the coming weeks. Top 10 coins, MARA and COIN in the portfolio and just wait. The usual crypto cycle suggests that the next highs can be expected in summer or autumn 2025. It is a good time to take profits at that point.

Possible good entry opportunities are now at Coinbase at $115 and at Marathon Digital in the zone between $14 and $16.