Bitcoin Breaks Next Resistance at 40,000 USD!

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This weekend, Bitcoin rose above the $40,000 mark for the first time since April 2022, and at the beginning of this week, the rally has even accelerated further. Consequently, the return of the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization since the beginning of the year is now over 150% – far surpassing all other common asset classes.

Explosion of Bitcoin – the Reasons Behind It The actual big rally is yet to come when the Bitcoin ETFs are approved and the next halving is carried out. Apparently, investors are currently expecting the approval by the US Securities and Exchange Commission to come any moment, which could generate another capital inflow in the billions. The price is already increasing in anticipation of this demand.

The rally is also being fueled by another event. In a speech by US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell last Friday, it was said that it would take a long time to normalize inflation rates and that further interest rate hikes were not off the table.

However, the market believes something completely different. That is, that the interest rate cycle in the US is now a thing of the past. Interest rates for the dollar are therefore not expected to climb any higher.

Thus, the further potential for the US dollar is certainly exhausted. In contrast, alternative „hard“ currencies such as Bitcoin and gold are rising significantly. Thus, the gold price also reached a new all-time high in US dollars at the beginning of the week before some profit-taking set in.

Crypto analyst sees target at 200,000 USD The crypto analyst „Dave the Wave“ also sees further potential for Bitcoin. According to his assessment, the cryptocurrency should rise to $49,000 to $50,000 before the next halving in April 2024. After this event, it could even reach $200,000 at the peak. This should happen by December 1, 2025, or within about two years.

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