BioNTech stock: Breakout above 100 euros

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It’s amazing what BioNTech’s stock achieved at the start of the new year. The stock was able to cross the 100 euro mark, which has garnered a lot of attention in the stock market. There are readers who may have this stock in their portfolio – should you hold onto it, or is it now worth buying?

BioNTech: Is this a lot? The stock’s performance spoke volumes on Tuesday. The stock rose by 7.5% to reach 102.30 euros, starting from 95.14 euros on the last day of the old year. While this may not interest value investors, trend investors see it as an important signal.

Significant price limits like 100 euros often provide limits that different investors use as buying or selling signals. It is always difficult to determine who is placing these limits or even thinking about them in the stock market. However, the impact on sentiment has been considerable.

Reaching 100 euros has also increased the market capitalization to over 20 billion euros. The stock is now worth around 24 billion euros in total – at least in the stock market. This raises the question of whether the stock can actually be worth that much when considering commercial factors as a basis for valuation.

BioNTech: Is this too expensive? According to current estimates, the company’s turnover in the past year is expected to be significantly more than 4.2 billion euros. This is significant, as it was previously suggested that the company had no real presence in the market. A profit of 1.06 billion euros seems possible (the final numbers for the fourth quarter will be released at the end of March).

However, in the new year, turnover is expected to decrease compared to previous estimates, struggling to reach the 4 billion euro mark. Profits are expected to almost halve, according to the market’s vague estimates. All of this does not seem particularly promising. Last year, the stock’s P/E ratio was calculated to be over 20.

In the new year, based on the current estimates, you could expect a P/E ratio of over 40. This means that compared to its own historical figures, the stock is expensive, very expensive in fact. At times, BioNTech was only trading at a P/E ratio of 4 or 5 – at significantly higher prices. Therefore, I personally do not place much significance on the recent breakout trend.

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