BASF: It’s Running Again

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Shares of BASF are in many portfolios of readers, I know. The quotations have caused concern in recent months – I remained optimistic. It turns out that holding on to the title has been well-founded. Currently, you could make good business with the BASF share – and that is not surprising at all.

BASF: It Will Be Rewarded One of the compelling arguments for the company has always been that the company will eventually make profits and pay high dividends. The dividend yield is currently still over 7% and will hardly be lower next year – if you were to invest today.

The dividend is not everything, but it has been a consolation in difficult times. The company is likely to generate a turnover of around 70 billion euros this year according to the estimates. That’s quite good, especially since a profit of over 2.3 billion euros is possible. This in turn is not catastrophically low in relation to the market value, as the comments wanted to make believe from time to time.

BASF is currently worth about 43 billion euros on the stock exchange, resulting in a P/E ratio of around 17. Admittedly, it has been cheaper. Based on the values of the coming year, the P/E ratio can drop to around 13 – but these are all estimates. The price-sales ratio (P/S) is still relatively cheap at less than 1 for both this year and the coming year.

BASF: The Trend is Improving The figures are then irrelevant if you would lose too much money over time as an investor. But the trend is turning again. Since the beginning of the year, the share has now achieved a gain of almost 4% – that is almost astonishing, as many readers would certainly formulate it. They still know the share with lows around 40 euros.

The trend is not strong yet. The share would first have to overcome the mark of 50 euros to land a liberation blow here (from a chart and technical point of view). But at least: The prices are now on the right track again.

The preconditions for a quick break-out are still not present – you should generally assume that BASF is not a bargain at the current prices (see P/E), but only an excellent dividend payer with a solid price base.

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