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Do you have the stock of pharmaceutical manufacturer Eli Lilly in your portfolio? Congratulations! You have caught one of the current outperformers! The price increase of around 106 percent is more than impressive, especially considering that the company from Indianapolis was founded in 1876 and therefore does not belong to the shady fantasy values in the pharmaceutical sector.

Active ingredient Tirzepatide causes stock market rally The extremely positive development is primarily due to the active ingredient Tirzepatide. Eli Lilly is benefiting from high demand from patients with diabetes and obesity, which is reflected in solid fundamental figures.

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Eli Lilly has just (February 6th, 2024, 12:45 p.m. CET) published its figures for the fourth quarter of 2023 and reported earnings per share of $2.49. Analysts had expected $2.47. The result for 2023 in the above chart is based on estimates, the indicated momentum for the coming years is promising.

Pre-market still in the plus! When looking at the chart, several price gaps can be seen, most recently from Thursday to Friday last week. It is bullish to note that the prices have continued to rise after each one. The candle from Friday is quite long and after the publication of the figures for the fourth quarter of 2023, the stock is trading significantly in the green before the market opens (currently at 737.00 USD at 1:18 p.m.), so you can assume that insiders already knew more than what was officially known. In general, the stock should still be assessed as bullish. However, you should consider taking profits and buying in again after a pullback. This way, you can set a trailing stop below the previous day’s low in the coming days, or adjust your profit-taking intraday.

Eli Lilly stock (ISIN US5324571083) – 1 year in daily chart; Source:

Conclusion Book profits and a dividend yield of 0.65 percent in 2023e are nice, but realized profit trades are better!

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