Apple Stock: On its Way to an All-Time High

Last Updated: 14. November 2023By

We are nearing the end of the year and already in the midst of the Christmas rush. A year ago, the US cultural company botched its Christmas business with a rather sluggish sale of the iPhone – many investors were worried that the share price could collapse massively. Since then, the share price has developed excellently, as expected – rising by 44% compared to January 1, 2023. I am still convinced by the company. Apple offers you a success story.

Apple: The Unnoticed Sign

It is not about simply celebrating Apple because its share price has gained tens of thousands of percent over the decades. It is not about “onwards and upwards”. Apple is so firmly anchored in the market of hundreds of millions of customers that its products are indispensable from their lives. Apple has managed to build an almost religious relationship with its own house.

Right before the end of the year, however, it is also worth taking a look at recent developments. In this case, the supplier Foxconn is currently helping. This is an „electronics contract“ company and is considered a major supplier to Apple. If Apple is doing well, Foxconn will do well too. Foxconn has just delivered figures. The net profit has continued to increase in the last quarter.

The profit rose by more than 10% and also significantly exceeded the expectations of the analysts. I don’t want to overrate the figures from Foxconn, but they are always a good indicator of Apple’s business. Apple is also booming in my opinion.

Apple: The Record High Attracts

After the latest figures, Apple is already quite expensive in terms of formalities. The price-earnings ratio (P/E) for the current fiscal year is estimated at around 28 to 29 (at least that’s what I estimate). In the coming year, profits will rise, so you would pay a P/E of around 26 to 27 on that basis.

However, with Apple it is no longer about buying a share at a special offer. This is usually no longer possible with few exceptions (price crash at the end of 2022). Apple is attractive because the company is almost constantly growing and holds its customer groups in a unique way. There will always be individual new products that may sell a bit less than expected. However, the trend is right – over a very long period of time.

This is also evident now. The record high is 179 euros. The share price is close again. With a record high, nobody can be in the red – there is no selling pressure. I always like Apple anyway – but especially at the end of 2023.

Apple before Christmas – Record! WKN: 865985 – ISIN: US0378331005