Another hit with the 1+3 Indicator!

Last Updated: 22. Dezember 2023By

We got two signals again on Wednesday and Thursday! The short signal on Wednesday was not executed because the prices did not manage to reach the 61.8 retracement. They did not fall further either. Yesterday, then, we got the long signal, which I’m showing you below. At the end of this issue there is still a Christmas present for you!

DAX in 15-minute chart with 1+3 indicator So yesterday, after the 15 o’clock candle, we had the long signal. That was almost the high at the same time. The red candle afterwards went up slightly with a wick. I drew the Fibonacci retracements and now also displayed them more easily.

You can see the 61.8 retracement in light blue. We take that as an entry. The stop loss is in blue at the 78.6 retracement or a few points below as safety. Yes and then we just take the distance between 78.6 and 61.8 and draw the corresponding lines into the retracement tool.


It is already practical if you can determine the values yourself. That is why there are now the unofficial 45s, 28.2s and 11.4s retracements. For explanation: At 45 in the chart, we have exactly the chance-risk ratio of 1:1. The distance between 61.8 and 78.6 is the same as between 61.8 and 45.

At 28.2 the CRV of 2:1 is therefore our 1st target. At 11.4 the CRV of 3:1 is reached, our 2nd target.

How the trade went The entry was at 16,655 points in the chart. There lies the 61.8 retracement. Stop loss was at 16,642 points. The entry was reached in the candle after 4 pm. After that, the prices immediately rose to the 1st target. Therefore, I raised the stop loss at the 2nd position to the CRV of 1:1. After the prices did not reach the CRV of 3:1 at 16,697 points and then ran back again, the 2nd trade was thus ended at the CRV of 1:1.

So again we achieved 1x a CRV of 2:1 and 1x a CRV of 1:1. That can be more than seen.