Alphabet: Winners in the Race for AI Systems?

Last Updated: 12. Dezember 2023By

The hype around Artificial Intelligence (AI) is entering its next round. A year ago, the start-up OpenAI sparked a new competition in Artificial Intelligence when it made its Chatbot ChatGPT public. Perhaps you have already had your own experiences with an AI tool. ChatGPT is on everyone’s lips – but do you already know Gemini?

Race of AI Systems Google has been working on applications based on Artificial Intelligence for years. Currently, the company is somewhat under pressure due to the AI hype. In the race for Artificial Intelligence, Google wants to secure the top spot with its new language model Gemini. The AI system is even said to outperform the language model GPT4 of its competitor OpenAI. Google demonstrated the system with a video chat in which Gemini immediately recognized and correctly classified drawings and gestures of its human counterpart.

Most far-reaching change in our lives Gemini can not only generate texts in a chatbot, but also solve certain problems and make situation-dependent decisions. The AI can also absorb information from photos and videos. Google CEO Sundar Pichai said on the announcement of Gemini that the change we are currently experiencing with AI will be „the most far-reaching in our lives, far greater than the switch to the mobile phone or the internet before“.

Gemini to reach billions of users Google wants to bring Gemini to billions of people through its products. The company will introduce the new system in three different dimensions. Gemini Ultra is the largest and most powerful model for highly complex tasks. This variant is mainly aimed at corporate customers. Gemini Pro will address a wide audience and, for example, teach Google Bard advanced thinking, planning and understanding. The third Gemini variant Nano brings the system to the top model of Google smartphones. This makes it possible, for example, to record spoken language from a longer meeting, lecture or interview with the Recorder App and convert it into written language in real time. With the help of Gemini Nano, the Pixel can then also create a compact summary without any delay.

Alphabet stock in weekly chart – ISIN: US02079K3059


Technical look at the chart Alphabet’s stock has formed a cup formation. In recent weeks we saw the consolidation of the prices. If the paper of the technology giant breaks out above 141 USD, it would send a buy signal. On the other hand, if the prices are below the mark of 120 USD, further declines must be expected.

Conclusion The parent company of the search engine giant Google is fundamentally strong. The company can invest a lot of money in research and development, thus attracting the best employees. This is why Alphabet has good chances to prevail in the fight for the best AI system and to surprise us with technology highlights in the future.