Airbus share: Forecast for 2024 specified.

Last Updated: 15. Februar 2024By

The Airbus share has performed strongly in recent months, but has so far been unable to gain momentum after the business figures were presented. This morning, the stock is trading just below the all-time high set in early February at just over 150 euros (as of February 15, 2024, around 10:30 a.m.).

In the figures presented for the fourth quarter and thus for the entire year 2023, Airbus partially missed expectations. Overall, however, the numbers were convincing and the company is heading in the right direction for 2024. For medium- and long-term oriented investors, the Airbus share remains quite interesting.

Mixed results for Airbus In the full year 2023, Airbus generated sales of 65.4 billion euros, about 11 percent more than in the previous year and also met expectations. However, the adjusted EBIT landed at 5.8 billion euros – slightly below the self-forecasted 6 billion. For the current year 2024, Airbus is expecting an adjusted EBIT between 6.5 and 7 billion euros.

For the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer, the number of delivered aircraft is an important criterion. Here, Airbus had performed slightly better than expected in 2023 with 735 aircraft delivered, compared to the targeted 720 aircraft. In 2024, the company plans to deliver significantly more, with around 800 aircraft.

To the delight of investors, the aircraft manufacturer is now paying out a special dividend of 1 euro in addition to the regular dividend of 1.80 euros. The company was likely motivated to take this step due to the free cash flow of 4.4 billion euros in 2023, which exceeded expectations.

Airbus share: Strong performance, but still opportunities Even though the recent figures did not completely convince in every area, it is clear that Airbus continues to move in the right direction. While the adjusted EBIT for 2023 narrowly missed expectations, the outlook for 2024 is still good. For the aircraft manufacturer, it is crucial to continue increasing the number of deliveries.

Because the order backlog, which reached a record high in 2023 with 2,094 ordered aircraft, is still gigantic and the company is well occupied for the coming years. Investors should expect pauses and setbacks in light of the strong performance of the Airbus share in recent months and years. However, the outlook for the profitable aircraft manufacturer remains at least good for medium- and long-term investors.