Airbus share: All-time high for number one.

Last Updated: 12. Januar 2024By

The new stock market year 2024 is starting off strong for Airbus shares. In today’s morning trading, the stock has climbed to a new all-time high and is trading at around 147 euros (as of January 12, 2024, 10 am). In the last 3 months, the aircraft manufacturer’s stock has gained around 20 percent.

The reason for today’s price increase of about 2.5 percent and the new all-time high are fresh figures on aircraft deliveries in the full year 2023. Airbus has exceeded its forecast and the order backlog is simply gigantic.

Airbus with record order intake in 2023 In the past calendar year, the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer received orders for 2094 aircraft. This is significantly more than ever before – the previous record was set in 2013 with around 1,500 aircraft. Among the largest orders from 2023 are, among others, the Indian low-cost airline IndiGo (500 aircraft), Air India (250) and Turkish Airlines (230). The order backlog at Airbus was 8,598 aircraft at the end of December.

The comparison to deliveries in particular shows how enormous the order backlog at Airbus is. In 2023, Airbus delivered 735 aircraft, surpassing the target of 720 aircraft. This is expected to increase significantly in the coming years – by 2026, the number of A320s produced per month is expected to increase from the current 48 to 75, and for the A350, this is expected to improve from 5 to 10.

Airbus stock vs. Boeing stock: Why Airbus is clearly ahead Even at its long-time competitor Boeing, the order books are full (inventory at the end of 2023: 6,216 aircraft). However, the US manufacturer delivers significantly fewer aircraft – in 2023, it was 528 aircraft – and the year has once again started with significant problems with the 737 Max model. The damage to the company’s image is once again significant and Airbus is likely to continue to benefit from this.

The new record of the Airbus stock is therefore based on various news. If the company manages to significantly increase delivery numbers in 2024, this will also give a boost to the Airbus stock. With the strong performance in recent years (since the corona low, it has almost tripled), the potential for a fall also increases and the risk of turbulence grows. However, as the industry leader, the Airbus stock remains an interesting investment for investors.