AI: What developments can we expect in 2024?

Last Updated: 12. Januar 2024By

Artificial intelligence is a new trend that is also of interest to investors. In the past year, there has been a lot of talk about an AI revolution and perhaps you are wondering what will happen with ChatGPT and Co. this year.

Assume that the hype will not die down anytime soon. Instead, it could get a new boost in 2024, as many areas are just beginning to discover the possibilities, such as finance or biotechnology. AI can be used to detect anomalies in bank booking records to uncover money laundering or in the medical field to test drugs, explains Andreas Dengel, Managing Director of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) on

The important ability to continuously learn The focus is increasingly on AI systems continuously learning, rather than being energy-intensive to train. This opens up numerous new opportunities for scientific research. This applies in particular to important climate research. „AI models can provide important insights into how the climate is changing,“ Dengel is quoted on

Companies looking to expand or establish their AI business are no longer solely focused on generative AI, such as ChatGPT. Instead, the focus is increasingly on integrating various applications.

For example, Microsoft is linking its AI assistant „Copilot“ with Word and Powerpoint. The AI can summarize texts or help create presentations. The goal is to enhance and sustainably improve one’s own software with Artificial Intelligence.

For developers of generative AI, the focus is mainly on so-called multimodality. This means being able to process texts, images, and videos.

Which companies will come out on top? With the big hype and the potential for development surrounding Artificial Intelligence, it is understandable that more and more companies are entering the market to get a piece of the pie. Meta, Amazon, and Google are all involved, as well as smaller specialized companies. The German hopeful is the Heidelberg-based start-up Aleph Alpha.

According to Kai Pascal Beerlink, AI expert at the digital industry association Bitkom, it is hardly possible to make a lucrative entry into general language models from the USA.

For example, Amazon has already invested so much money and know-how in the voice control system Alexa – new entrants have a hard time competing. However, the differentiation of the market is a great opportunity for European providers, explains Beerlink on This is about filling niches, for example in industrial production or in administration. The issue of security is playing an increasingly important role in order to prevent disinformation campaigns, for example in political election campaigns.

What you need to know now The world is in a state of upheaval. On the one hand, there could actually be a technology revolution this year. On the other hand, crises are increasing around the world. Both should be taken into account in your investment strategy for 2024.

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