AI stocks are on the rise – where else can you find opportunities?

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Many investors still refuse to accept that artificial intelligence is the biggest megatrend in 25 years.

„It’s just a hype that has gone too far,“ they say. This reminds me of the people who thought at the end of the 1990s that the internet was just a passing trend.

While some were wrong back then, I laid the foundation for my later success with my first internet business in the second half of the 1990s. So I know what I’m talking about.

Artificial intelligence is here to stay. AI is not a hype that will disappear in a year or two. Artificial intelligence must be seen on par with the introduction of electricity 100 years ago and the spread of the internet 25 years ago.

Both technologies have permeated and fundamentally changed all areas of our lives and the economy, and have continued to evolve over the years. They have come to stay. And so it will be with AI.

UBS estimates that AI revenue will increase from $28 billion in 2022 to $420 billion in 2027 – an impressive annual growth rate of +72%! And the authors of the estimate emphasize that the biggest risk of being wrong is that these estimates are still too conservative.

AI infrastructure providers are the top choice. But as futurist Roy Charles Amara said, „We tend to overestimate the short-term effects of technology and underestimate the long-term effects.“ The fact that AI will fundamentally change our world does not mean that artificial intelligence will be everywhere in a few months.

Compared to the internet’s triumph, I see the technology where the internet was in 1996. Even then, the internet had not yet fundamentally changed our world 1-2 years later. But after 10 years, it certainly did!

During this time, despite the bursting of the dot-com bubble, there were many excellent investment opportunities that made investors millionaires.

Currently, we are in the early stages of AI, where infrastructure providers are the top choice for investments.

+290% with Super Micro Computer for my readers in just 10 months.

The readers of my weekly stock service Lehne’s MegaTrends are maximizing this strongest megatrend in decades.

Example Super Micro Computer: On Thursday evening, the company released preliminary numbers for the third quarter. It expects a 70% increase in revenue compared to the previous quarter and a net profit that is around 30% above the previous forecast. As a result, the stock jumped an incredible +36% on Friday.

Where are the opportunities for AI stocks now? In the short term, I believe that many stocks in the sector are currently overheated.

So be cautious and don’t blindly buy any stocks just because they are somehow related to AI. This didn’t work out in the long term with dot-com stocks in the late 1990s.

I recommend stocks to my readers that are maximizing the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, while at the same time generating solid profits, are cheaply valued, and offer attractive entry scenarios from a technical analysis perspective.

This is the only way developments like those seen with Super Micro Computer are possible.

Finding such stocks requires a lot of analysis work, but it is worth it.

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