AI boom: Microsoft relies on nuclear energy

Last Updated: 23. Januar 2024By

Now there’s artificial intelligence with the press of a button. Microsoft has introduced the biggest change to the familiar keyboard of Windows computers in decades – a dedicated key for the AI assistant Copilot. What was already seen on new devices from various manufacturers at the technology trade fair CES in Las Vegas will be available in stores at the end of February.

Microsoft: 2024, the year of the AI-PC. Microsoft has declared 2024 as the year of the „AI-PC“. With this innovation, one thing is certain: all new functions based on artificial intelligence will be seamlessly integrated into the Windows operating system. This means that AI is on the verge of a massive breakthrough for millions of computer users. AI applications are increasing in many industries. Just a few current examples:

• Many car manufacturers are already using AI in various stages of production to reduce costs. These include BMW and Toyota.

• Microsoft is working with TomTom to develop AI-powered navigation systems.

• Axel Springer Verlag is collaborating with ChatGPT developer OpenAI. It will be interesting to see the result when even the Bild newspaper starts using AI.

• Bosch is working on a video and audio AI to proactively detect firearms in schools.

• Japanese company NEC aims to develop an AI for mobile devices to assess people’s vital signs and mental state.

AI investments to increase five-fold Maribel Lopez, tech analyst at Lopez Research, says: „If you don’t have AI in your product (…), don’t bother, it’s not worth talking about.“ The financing of generative AI projects has exploded in the past year. According to data analysis company PitchBook, funding has increased five-fold to around $24 billion.

Microsoft plans to build its own nuclear power plants AI has set something in motion that is hardly stoppable. The result: the tech industry is facing a huge demand for energy. AI applications require new high-performance chips, new computers, and even more servers. While Microsoft has already invested in renewable energy, it is already preparing for the fact that this will not be enough. The plan now is to use nuclear energy for all AI applications. The tech giant actually plans to build its own nuclear power plants to meet the massive electricity demand from AI applications.

AI-assisted permit applications And it gets even more interesting: Microsoft is already working on using AI to create complex permit requirements for nuclear energy. These bureaucratic procedures usually take years and cost millions of dollars.

Nuclear energy is a must-have in your portfolio Conclusion: Microsoft has the money, but not the time. And with that, it is finally clear: nuclear energy is a must-have in your portfolio.